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LEX™ Plans


All you need to
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Best for:
Individual Translation



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  • LEX Basic includes:
  • The Translation Box™
  • Expert Language Translation Service
  • Basic Project Management Tools
  • Online Help Center


Global Content Platform

Best for:
Collaborative Teams
(up to 25 users)


+ customization costs

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  • LEX Basic plus:
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Multi-User Enabled
  • LEX -QA™
  • Compliance and Audit Tools
  • Online Help Desk


Custom Platform

Best for:
Company-wide Translation
Management (25+ users)

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  • LEX Team plus:
  • Client Success Team
  • Advanced Project Management Tools
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Integration & APIs
  • Advanced Translation Sourcing
  • Advanced QA and Auditing Tools
  • ... and much more.


Global Brand
Management Platform

Best for:
Global Marketing



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  • LEX Enterprise plus:
  • One-Click Website Localization
  • Global Content and Experience Management
  • Global Brand Management Platform
  • Global Insight Toolkit

LEX™ Features

The LEX™ platform includes a rich, flexible feature set that can be customized to your needs and goals:


The Translation Box™ contains all 10 core functions you'll need to carry out basic translation projects. No matter what version you choose, you'll have everything you need.

OneView Dashboard

LEX is equipped with the user-friendly OneView dashboard where you can quickly access your projects, quotes, invoices, and user profile.

3-Click Project Request

By setting your preferences, you can request a translation project in a few clicks.

Translation Management System (TMS)

LEX is a complete TMS that simplifies your translation project management tasks, including: project requesting, invoice tracking, real-time status reports, workflows, and much more.

Translation Memory (TM)

LEX's secure, cloud-based TM offers high TM match rates and real-time collaboration.

Translation Services

LEX provides full translation services by ISO-qualified professional linguists.

Standard Reporting

LEX offers easy-to-read reports of key translation performance metrics.


LEX is fully secure, with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

Online Help Center

Our online help center includes a comprehensive list of support materials, including FAQs, knowledge base, and community discussion forums.

Certification of Translation Accuracy

You can request a complimentary Certification of Translation Accuracy (CTA) for any LEX translation project.

Quality Management System

LEX is built on Prisma's ISO and LQA-based Quality System, ensuring airtight quality and tracking throughout the process.


LEX offers a wide array of standard and advanced reports that provide you with actionable insights to measure, visualize, improve and report on your translation process.

Standard Reporting

LEX offers easy-to-read reports of key translation performance metrics.

Advanced Reporting

LEX Enterprise allows you to generate enterprise-level reporting on enterprise translation performance.

Customizable Report Templates

With LEX, you can customize your report templates to give them the look-and-feel of your own company's reports.


The LEX Platform contains a rich set of tools and features to help make project management easier, faster and more efficient.

Organization Tools

LEX's OneView Dashboard makes organizing and managing your translation projects easy and intuitive.

Easy Change-of-Scope

LEX can easily handle project changes of scope when they occur, tracking document versions and histories.

Standard Workflows

LEX has built-in best-practice translation workflows that bring consistency and quality to the process.

Customizable Workflows

LEX can support highly-complex workflows for enterprise document taxonomies, multiple reviewers, or other unique needs.

Collaboration Tools

LEX's communication platform supports and facilitates team collaboration and communication.

Multiple Users

LEX supports multiple login credentials for teams with a large number of users.

Custom Roles and Permissions

LEX supports custom roles and permissions for complex or large-scale projects to control workflow, project and team management, and information access.


LEX-QA™ is a comprehensive platform to help you manage, measure and support translation quality and compliance. LEX-QA's rich suite of tools include glossary tools, compliance checkers, scorecards, and a powerful, new Translation Quality Model.

Certification of Translation Accuracy

You can request a complimentary Certification of Translation Accuracy (CTA) for any LEX translation project.

Standard LEX-QA™ Program

The Standard LEX-QA™ Program enables you to monitor translation quality based on a standard set of LQA quality metrics.

Customizable LEX-QA™ Program

For clients with industry-specific or unique translation quality requirements, the LEX-QA Platformcan be fully customized.


LEX's flexible architecture facilitates connection with dozens of tools and platforms, making your marketing and content management seamless and smart.

Third-party CMS

For web-based content, LEX is able to integrate with many CMSs, including Wordpress, Sitecore and Drupal.

Custom API Integration

If your organization's CMS is API-enabled, LEX can connect to facilitate seamless transmission and translation of your content.

Marketing Software

LEX is able to integrate with Salesforce, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Marketo, and Oracle to globalize your marketing practices.

Email Services

LEX can globalize your email campaigns by integrating with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Constant Contact, ExactTarget, and EmmaMail.

Desktop Publishing

LEX's workflows can directly integrate into your DTP process (layout or formatting). You can decide who does the DTP work (Prisma, your own team, or another service provider of your choice) and LEX will take care of the rest.

Multichannel Publishing

LEX's enables a consistent customer experience across multiple channels and languages by integrating with multiple publishing platforms.


LEX offers the ability to integrate several translation sourcing options including the use of multiple translation vendors, machine translation, crowdsourcing, and complex workflows to achieve dramatic cost savings and efficiency.

Multi-Vendor Enabled

Unlike most TMS systems, LEX allows you to work with multiple translation suppliers: yours, Prisma's, or any provider of your choice.


QuickTrans™ is LEX's rapid-turnaround human translation service. Great for large volumes of text that need to be translated quickly but accurately.

Machine Translation

LEX can connect to industry-leading MT engines that accelerate your translation process.


LEX's advanced language services bring you unprecedented control over your global content to help you align your content goals with your business goals.

Advanced Terminology Management

LEX supports best-of-breed terminology management through a variety of tools and services including: glossary development, glossary management, tagging, term extraction, multilingual terminology management, and taxonomy management.

Advanced TM Management

Advanced TM Management features such as tagging and penalty profiles help you control which terms from the TM get used and reused based on context and category.

Quick Text Search

LEX allows you to search for any text string in any language in your TM and Glossary.


LEX's suite of compliance management features make tracking, auditing and reporting both airtight and easy.

Global Compliance

LEX complies with many global standards, including: EU Safe Harbor Compliance, CFR Part 11 Conformant, ISO 9001:2008, EN-13485 (medical devices), EN 15038:2006-08 (European Translation Standard), ASTM F2575:2006, Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation, ISO 12616:2002 Translation-oriented Terminography.

Auditable Communication Logs

LEX captures and archives all project communications for auditing and compliance purposes.

Auditable Terminology History

LEX allows you to easily review the history of any given term, including creation dates and how/when the term was last used.

Auditable Segment History

LEX displays the revision history of a translation throughout its history, for both Glossaries and TMs.


The LEX client support platform offers a wide variety of options, from self-directed help to our LEXperts™ that make up our Client Success Support Team.

Online Help Center

Our online help center includes a comprehensive list of support materials, including FAQs, knowledge base, and community discussion forums.

Online Support Desk

Our technical and project support staff is available to answer your questions, no matter how simple or complex.

Client Success Team

Prisma's LEXpert account and project management teams are capable of helping you succeed by offering operational and strategic support, offering much more than simply technical answers.


The LEX user interface can be customized to meet any design or content need, ensuring your users just the right experience.

Multilingual Interface

The LEX interface will be available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean (mid-2015).

Custom User Interface and Emails

LEX's visual design can be customized to match your company's visual identity, including logo and color palettes.

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