Strategic Consulting

Sometimes you need a guide.

Venturing into the depths of global communication sometimes calls for a little guidance.

Prisma’s Strategic Consulting Team helps prepare clients for the global marketplace by leveraging business and brand strategy to grow your global customer engagement. 

Global-Readiness Strategy

Think of Prisma’s Global-Ready Group as your company’s own Chief Globalization Officer.

We assess and identify product-level, organizational, and business process challenges that can impact the time, cost, and success of your new market entry.

We serve both a leadership and support role in helping make your company global-ready, because in an increasingly competitive global marketplace there is little time to waste and no space to fail.

Global Brand Strategy

Great global brands are built on a deep understanding of culture and cultures.

With over 30 years of experience in cultural marketing, Prisma’s Brand Strategy Team builds brands that are meaningful, compelling and engaging to your global and multicultural audiences, through:

  • Culturally grounded target-audience insights that unlock brand growth opportunities
  • Localized brand positioning and storytelling
  • Targeted, integrated communications planning

Cultural Marketing for Healthcare

Prisma’s Healthcare Practice Group helps healthcare companies activate and grow diverse customer bases by harnessing the power of culture to drive deeper, more meaningful consumer experiences.

What makes us unique?

  • We understand culture
  • Social media savvy
  • Insights-based and consumer-focused

Translation BPI (Business Process Improvement)

The more content you produce, the more costly and inefficient the process can become.

Prisma’s Strategic Consulting Team helps you streamline and improve your content processes. We help you achieve real cost and time reductions, addressing complex challenges such as:

  • Lean translation workflows
  • Translation process automation
  • Advanced Translation Memory configuration
  • KPI definition, analytics and reporting

Strategy / stra’•tə•jē / n.

A plan of action designed to achieve an overall objective.

To learn how Prisma can help you develop an effective strategy to engage your global customers, contact us.

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