How much does it cost?

LEX Basic is FREE. LEX Team, Enterprise, and CMO plans are priced to meet your customized needs. To discuss how LEX can be customized for you, contact us.

Who owns the LEX Translation Memory?

You own it, and you can obtain a copy of your TM upon request.
If you have other TMs, glossaries, or translations, you can centralize them on the LEX platform and take full advantage of their value right away.

Do I need to sign a contract or make a commitment?

No contract is necessary to use LEX. You can start or stop using LEX whenever you want. However, the longer you use LEX, the greater the benefit.

Who will be doing my translation work?

Prisma's professional translators and linguists carry out LEX translation work. LEX also supports Machine Translation for certain types of translation work, but always overseen by professional human linguists.

How do I get started with LEX?

Getting started with LEX is easy. No credit card or financials are required.
Contact us, and we will get you up and running with LEX Basic in under a day.
For customized versions of LEX, ramp-up time will depend on the complexity of your needs.

Can LEX accommodate multiple translation vendors?

LEX Team, Enterprise and CMO are multi-vendor enabled. That means you can choose who provides your translation services for any given language, document type, or line of business.