Translation Services

A Better Way.

A better way to engage your global customers starts with a better translation process.

Prisma’s Translation Services combine best-of-breed technology with deep cultural and linguistic experience to help you engage, activate and grow your global customers.

We specialize in medical and healthcare, eCommerce, consumer and retail, hi-tech, manufacturing, and government translations and localizations.


A better way to translate and localize websites starts with a deep understanding of your global users. Prisma’s strategic approach includes:

• Culturally-driven user experience mapping

• LEX cloud-based project management platform

• Access to Prisma’s Global Strategy Team

Regardless of the size or complexity of your current site, our better way gives you access to the right technology and strategy to optimize user experience, cost, and time-to-launch in any language and for any market.

Structured Content

If your company works in structured content or uses a content management system (CMS), Prisma’s LEX™ platform offers an alphabet soup of better ways to manage content, including:

• XML (Extensible Markup Language)

• PIM (Product Information Management)

• Web CMS (HTML5 or custom schema)

• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

• CCMS (Component Content Management)

• DAM (Digital Asset Management)

• Taxonomy Management and Translation Memory

Cost Reduction

“Prisma’s LEX™ platform enabled us to combine TMs from our different vendors, lean our workflows, and automate the entire process. We cut our translation costs by over 17% in less than a year. Thanks, LEX!”

– Senior Publications Manager, Major Medical Device Company


Prisma offers a better way to manage document translation by combining a global content lifecycle approach with the LEX™ platform.

We support your entire document translation process while optimizing cost, time and end-user experience through:

• Content planning, tagging, taxonomies, and mark-up

• Glossary and style guide management

• Workflow and project management

• In-Country Review and quality management

• Industry-specific Compliance

Localization for MindTouch

Prisma’s Localization Success Program can help you deploy your MindTouch content successfully in any language.

Is your content translation-ready? Do you have a localization plan?

Glossaries, style guides, and translation memory help deliver a clear, consistent user experience.

We help you manage and maintain your site with the right workflows and industry best practices.

Monitor your localized MindTouch sites, measure performance, and improve SEO.

Find out about our MindTouch Localization Success Program

Software Localization

The LEX™ Platform supports software localization, internationalization and validation. LEX simplifies the process with:

GUI localization into any language

LEX RapidLaunch™ for near-simultaneous global release

Agile-friendly development cycle.

From initial planning through QA, LEX ensures that you have a smooth localization experience and your global customers have a seamless user experience.


“Translation quality improved across the board when we migrated to the LEX platform.”

– Content Strategist, International Retailer

Marketing Content

Global customer engagement starts with great content. We support your global marketing and sales efforts with effective content translation and transcreation that strikes a balance between local relevance and global branding.

• Advertisements

• Packaging

• Sales kits and brochures

• Lead generation and CRM emails

• Press releases and white papers

Mobile Apps & Social Media

Mobile devices present unique user experience challenges in different languages and cultures.

The LEX™ platform facilitates app localizations for smaller and diverse screen sizes while ensuring the app rings true in the target language.

LEX™ also makes it easy to translate social media content, giving you the ability to quickly create, revise, update and manage authentic conversations with your global audiences across languages.


“Localization was always a bottleneck for us until we shifted to the LEX platform. With LEX, we’ve been able to fast-track the localization process and meet our crazy deadlines.”

–Localization Manager, Major Software Company

More Language Services

Glossary and Style Guide Development
We will help keep your brand and messages consistent across all languages by developing and implementing custom glossaries and style guides.

24/7 In-Country Reviewer Management
Our cloud-based LEX™ platform takes away the headaches of managing in-country reviewers across the globe.

Third-Party Translation Review
Prisma can serve as a Third-Party Reviewer and provide helpful and actionable feedback to help improve existing translation quality.

Translation / trans•lā’•shən / n.

The act of rendering content from one language or dialect to another in a way that is culturally and linguistically meaningful.

Learn how Prisma’s translation services can help you create more meaningful conversations with your global customers.

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