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A global gaming company had to beat their own odds by achieving global simultaneous shipment: 18 different languages across 34 markets in 44 days. And no Pause button.

“Our entire release was at risk due to translations not being ready.”


Our client faced intense time-to-market pressure and a grueling development schedule. Their KPIs for achieving simultaneous shipment were taking a dive.

Our client did not have a translation strategy. Instead, their localization relied on a patchwork approach that included:

• 11 translation providers

• Dozens of freelance translators

• 8 Translation Memories

• 50+ In-country reviewers

The entire release was at risk due to translations not being ready, and they came to us for the game-winning solution.


Prisma developed parallel workflows to maximize speed, and consolidated project management and translation memories onto our cloud-based LEX™ platform.

We delivered many key operational breakthroughs including:

• All translators were able to work simultaneously off a single, “live” TM

• Reviewers world-wide carried out review and approval work that was accessible 24/7

• Easily incorporated last-minute content changes into the single translation stream

Localization was no longer a drag on the development schedule. It became the leading way to global sim-ship success.

“All translators were able to work simultaneously off a single cloud-based TM.”



SimShip Score


Quality Improvement*


Translation Cost Reduction

* Based on the European Commission MQM translation quality standard.

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