Major Retailer Engages Québec Customers in French, Harmonizing Clicks and Bricks


A rapidly-expanding retailer wanted to create a consistent experience for both in-store and online customers in Canada – in both English and French, naturellement.

“Our client’s content was managed in separate databases – store vs. online – leading to a disconnected customer experience.”


It’s a growing expectation that customers want to shop online and pick up their purchase in the company’s actual store; or the reverse: window shop in the “bricks” but purchase at home with “clicks.”

Our client’s content was managed in separate databases – store vs. online – leading to a disconnected customer experience.

Their structured content included SAP data feeds, supplier-provided SKU descriptions, and packaging and flyer content.

Add the French language to spice up the mélange: per Canadian law, all content needed to be available in both English and French, in both stores and online.


Using the LEX™ platform, Prisma built a translation workflow for the eCommerce content stream to enable several key operational breakthroughs:

• A Vendor Content Portal to accept product content in either English or French

• Compliance checks for content Quality Control

• Parallel translation processing to decrease translation “lag” between the English and French sites

• Advanced tagging and context-marking to improve eCommerce site performance, thereby increasing conversion rates and decreasing abandonment.

“Prisma’s translation workflow… enabled several key operational breakthroughs.”



English-French Site Consistency


Quality Improvement


Translation Cost Reduction

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