Cultural Marketing Services

Culture is a powerful force.

It helps shape our identity: who we are, what we do, and how we engage the world.

Prisma’s Cultural Marketing Services help you tap the power of culture to engage your global customers through experiences that are most relevant and valuable to them.

Cultural Consulting

In a world cluttered with information, your global customers expect unique and culturally relevant experiences.

Effective cultural marketing requires a strategy. Our strategic consulting practice will help you:

Understand the cultural landscape of your current and potential customer base;

Discover the cultural insights that serve as the foundation of your communication platform;

Engage your customers emotionally through culturally relevant and more authentic brand localization.

Global Brand Name Testing

Is your brand name confusing in Chinese? Offensive in Oman? Misunderstood in Mexico?

Prisma’s NameBridge™ service field-tests and validates your brand assets linguistically and culturally, such as:

• Logos and visual identities

• Brand names, product names and tag lines

• Advertising, marketing and packaging materials

With NameBridge™ you can be sure your brand rings true in the market, language and country of your choice.

Cultural Market Research

Drawing on 30+ years of experience working with global brands across languages and cultures, Prisma’s Market Research team helps you gain deep cultural insights into your target markets.

We offer a full range of both quantitative and qualitative cultural research services, including:

• Consumer ethnography

• Culturally-based focus groups

• Multilingual survey studies

• Cultural ideation

Multilingual Graphic Design

Prisma’s design team specializes in creating visual communication for any language, culture or locale. We are global experts in:

• Logo and visual identities

• Graphic design

• Multilingual packaging

• Marketing materials

• Sales collateral

Audio, Video and Multimedia

Prisma offers full, turnkey services in audio, video and multimedia production in over 188 languages and dialects. Our services include:

• Voice over and dubbing

• Subtitling and captioning

• Multilingual video production

• Multimedia localization

We match the right talent for any project, whether technical, marketing, instructional, or creative.

Culture / kul’•chər / n.

The system of shared beliefs, values, customs and behaviors that the members of a social group use to view, experience and engage with their world, and to create a shared identity.

Learn how Prisma’s cultural marketing services can help you tap the power of culture to create deeper engagement with your global customers.

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